Corporate Web Video Production Services

ENRICH MEDIA has a dedicated team of professionals that specializes in a wide range of video production services. Creating a video for your company can take a lot of planning and steps to achieve a professional and polished look. Our professionals will help guide you through from concept to finished product.

Enrich Media will work with you on your scripts and copyrighting, concept development, and story boarding to create a corporate web video that will be unique to you and convey your message.

Online Video Marketing

Now that you have your video with your product introduction, sales demonstrations, business information and training and possibly some customer testimonials, your next step would be getting your video found online by your target customers.

For example, if you’re a Dentist in Denver, CO, getting found online, when your prospects are searching online using the search term “Denver CO Dentist”, should be your #1 focus in your marketing. To start, your should aim to have at least ONE of any of your online “Real Estates (Your website, Facebook Page, Video, etc.)” to be on the 1st page of the main Search Engines. As we all know, the biggest Search Engine now is Google. So, aim to be on the 1st page of Google!

According to a study done by iProspect, 49% of online searchers change our search terms and/or search engine after not finding our desired result on the first page. This compares with 40% in 2007, 42% in 2005 and just 28% in 2004. Only 8% of us actually bother going past the third page.

How would you like your video to be seen by 100% of your online searchers i.e. your prospects, instead of just the 8%?

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