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Today’s audience is accustomed to sophisticated media technologies so that companies relying solely on the text and graphics no longer stand out.

Until now, the costs for customized, visually powerful productions have been prohibitive for small and mid-sized organizations.

Enrich Media, a Denver video production company, has perfected a process that has leveled the playing field for high-end video production.

In fact, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover just easy it is to incorporate this technology into your web site, internal communication systems, Power-Point presentations, and many other applications.

Seeing is believing. That’s why internet videos are making such a huge impact. Millions of people click and watch. It’s like the difference between watching from the sidelines and actually playing in the game.

Enrich Media, a video production company in Denver, can help your business get in the game.

Why Video?

When you search the internet, you will find videos are everywhere. The reason is simple. It grabs the audience’s attention, keeps them glued to the screen and motivates them through emotion. Videos make us feel.

The online video is fast becoming the most efficient and powerful way of reaching the audience for product introduction, sales demonstrations, corporate image, business information and training.

Videos are ideally geared to customer testimonials, which according to some experts are the number one factor for any successful marketing campaign.

Enrich Media creates high quality videos which will grab the audience’s attention, provide information and inspire them to take action.

Enrich Media’s goal is to help you create cost effective, emotional videos which connect your audience to your product, service or company.

Through web commercials, Enrich Media 2.0 can help your business reach its maximum audience and keep you ahead in the game.


The videographer put us at ease and provided excellent direction. Wow! We loved the first cut!

Joanne R

Chuck did a great job helping me through this process and it only took about an hour to complete!

Alan G

He was very attentive and thoughtful. He listened to what I wanted and needed, as well having plenty of helpful input for me. I was surprised how easy the whole process was.

John W

This turned out great! Chuck was really patient and really flexible with our schedule. Nice job!

Daniel C

Chuck was an amazing filmmaker! He was professional, creative, patient, and he did a wonderful job in making us feel comfortable in working with the camera. We would highly recommend him and his services for any business!!

Carie M

Chuck was very helpful and professional. The video he shot and edited was perfect!! Thanks again Chuck!

Eugene R.

Edited very well and added the pieces in that really mattered!

Erica D.

My film maker was awesome. He genuinely made me feel like he was there for me and my crew. Love what he did with our interview.

Chris D. Melon

Chuck was great, very easy going, calm and confident and the results were spot on. Excellent work!

Roger W

Corporate Web Video

We have a dedicated team of professionals that specializes in a wide range of video production services. Creating a video for your company can take a lot of planning and steps to achieve a professional and polished look. Our professionals will help guide you through from concept to finished product.

Online Video Marketing

Once you have your video with your product introduction, sales demonstrations, business information and training and possibly some customer testimonials, your next step would be getting your video found online by your target customers.

How would you like your video to be seen by 100% of your online searchers i.e. your prospects, instead of just the 8%?


Enrich Media creates high quality videos which will grab the audience’s attention, provide information and inspire them to take action. Enrich Media will work with you on your scripts and copyrighting, concept development, and story boarding to create a video that will be unique to you and convey your message.

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